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Short Fiction

Magazines and Journals


The News-Star (11/29/2015)     

"A Letter to Caroline Kennedy"

Stories out of the South (2015)

"Summer and Longing"

Kentucky Review (forthcoming)


The MacGuffin (2014)

"Mercy Rare"

The Double Dealer (excerpt forthcoming)

"From Tickfaw to Shongaloo"

      (2014 Faulkner-Wisdom Competition)


Dunes Review (2014)  

"Petty Wise"

Front Porch Review (2014)

"Will and Grace"

Collier's Magazine (2014)

Southern Writers Magazine (2014)

Penmen Review (2014)

"Crescent City Blues"

"This Side of Canaan"

"Never Was"

Mused (2014)


Word Riot (2013)

"Three Short Stories"

Valley Voices (Fall 2013)

"The Pang of Patience"

Bacopa Literary Review (2013)

"Hope of Flight"

The Rockford Review (2013)

"A Learnable Moment"

Deep South Magazine (Fall 2011)

"Boogers, Haints and Heathens"

Big Muddy 2012)

"Going up North"

Potomac Review (2012)

"Reaching West"

Hawai'i Pacific Review (2011)


The MacGuffin (Vol. XXVII.3, 2011)

"Canyons of Wisdom"

Steam Ticket/Third Coast (Vol. XIV, 2011)

“Best Man I Can”

Glossalalia (2010)


The Rockford Review (2011)

"Terms of Inducement"

Southpaw Journal (Summer 2010)

"L.A. One-Way"

Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette (2010)

"Sportin' and Fit"

The Toucan Magazine (Spring 2010)

"Summer and Longing"

The Copperfield Review (Spring 2010)

"Nickel Bread and Hope"

Post Road (Issue 17, 2010)

"Don't Try Me"

The Rockford Review (2010)

"Our Chatham Home"

Dead Mule School of So. Literature (2010)


The Citron Review (2010)

"L.A. One Way"

Connections Literary Magazine (2009)

"Of What Remains"

Birmingham Arts Journal (Fall 2009)

"A Mind of Their Own"

Kestrel (Fall 2009)


Compass Rose (Volume IX 2009)

“Washed Away”

580 Split (Issue XI 2009)

"Don't Try Me"

Louisiana Literature (2008)

“The Tinder Woods”

Roanoke Review (2008)


Wisconsin Review (2008)

“Word from New Iberia”

The Louisiana Review (2007)

“Along the Levee’s Edge”

Mature Living (December 2007)

“The Christmas Cake”

Kennesaw Review (2008)


Rockford Review (Summer 2007)

”Boogers, Haints and Heathens”

Thin Air Magazine (2007)

“What Goes Around”

Steel City Review (2007, print edition)

“Class Acts”

Yellow Medicine Review (Fall 2008)

“Native Heart”

Reflections Literary Journal (2003)

“The Tap Root”

Cream City Review (2005)

“Tethered Hearts”

Rio Grande Review (2006) (Reprinted in Green Silk Journal)

“Two for One”

Big Muddy (2005)

“White Trash Wedding”

Big Muddy (2005)


Big Muddy (2006)


Concho River Review (2005)


Valley Voices (2008)

“Right Eye of Justice”

Oxford Magazine (2004)

“Late Edition”

The Storyteller (2007)

“A Day’s Work”

Pointed Circle (2007) (Reprinted in Nebo)

Whitehawk Rising”

Reflections Literary Journal (2004)

“Best Show in Town”

The Heartland Review (2008)


Spillway Review (2005)

“Parting Gifts”

Magnolia Quarterly (2007)


Magnolia Quarterly (2007)


Southern Ocean Review (2003) (Reprinted in Eloquent Stories)

“The Heart Made Wise”

Muscadine Lines (2006)

“A Good Woman Knows”

The Storyteller (2007)


Doorknobs and Body Paint (2006)


The Listening Eye (2006)




   Fiction Anthologies



Best of Valley Voices (2012)

"The Right Eye of Justice"

Christmas Is a Season (2009)

"A Cockeyed Christmas"

Christmas Traditions (Adams Media, 2009)

"The Rudolph Sweater”

Humor for a Boomer’s Heart (Adams Media 2008)

"Fifty-Nine and Three-Quarters”

Teacakes and Afternoon Tales (2008)


Writing on Walls Anthology (2007)

"Journey Forth”

The Story Teller Anthology

"New Orleans 82905”

That Thing You Do Anthology (2007) Reprinted in Denver Syntax

"And That’s the Truth”

That Thing You Do Anthology (2007)


"Dear God”

Short Fiction Awards


PEN/Hemingway nominee (2010)


Pushcart Prize nominee 2009


Pushcart Prize nominee 2008

"The Tap Root"

Winning Writers – Tom Howard / John H. Reid Short Fiction Award 08


Winning Writers – John H. Reid Short Fiction Award 2009

"The Right Eye of Justice”

Union County Writers Guild – 2008

"When Cotton Come”

Houston Writers Guild – 2008

"When Cotton Come”

Editors Choice Award – Reflections Literary Journal-2003

"The Tap Root”

Roanoke Review 2007


The Heartland Review Prize 2008


Judges’ Pick – That Thing You Do anthology – 2007

"And That’s the Truth”

Reflections Literary Journal 2004

"Best Show in Town”

“Let’s Write” Literary Contest  2007 GCWA


"Let’s Write" Literary Contest  2007 GCWA


Society of Southwestern Authors 2007

New Orleans 82905”

St. Louis Short Story Competition 2007

“Nickel Bread and Hope”

Mimi Heitzman Contest 2007

"Nickel Bread and Hope”

Writers Guild of Acadiana 2007

 “Boogers, Haints, Heathens”

Oklahoma Writers Federation 2008

 “Boogers, Haints, Heathens”

Abilene Writers Guild Contest 2007

 “Dear God”

Union County Writers Guild 2007

  “Native Heart”

Writing On Walls anthology 2007

  “Journey Forth

2007 Linda Flowers Prize (North Carolina Humanities Council)

  “Journey Forth