Woodstock Turns 40: Top 8 Books

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the three days of music that rocked the world.

June 24, 2009

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Forty years after a crowd of nearly 500,000 gathered for three days of peace, love and music, "Good Morning America" is celebrating Woodstock's 40th anniversary. The iconic pop culture event is being remembered in so many ways, including in books.

See our eight favorite Woodstock books below, and then check out "GMA" Books for more good reads.

Woodstock Revisited

50 Stories From Those Who Were There

Edited by Susan Reynolds

Susan Reynolds was "there." As a part of Woodstock, Reynolds saw firsthand one of the most significant musical events in American culture. "Woodstock Revisited" is the first and only book to chronicle the audience experience at Woodstock.


Read stories from 50 of the 500,000 attendees at the dairy farm in upstate New York, and gain new insight into three days that changed the world.

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